“Early Morning” from Chashme Baddoor

This song is so catchy! Sonu Nigam is such a good singer! It’s such a shame that the entire premise of this movie and song is sexual harassment…

In case you don’t know Hindi, this is my rough translation of the lyrics: “It’s early morning; I wake up and see her out my window. This is my first romance, and there is very little chance of it working out, but my heart is going crazy just thinking of her, so I have to try. After all, Romeo had to first convince Juliet to love him, too! I call her “darling” and she turns away from me. I ask her to kiss me, she gives me an attitude. She won’t respond to me on Yahoo! Messenger; I can’t get a response on BBM. I’m searching for her on Facebook; I still just can’t let this rest. She has a bit of attitude, which is pretty hot. I can’t get her out of my mind.”

Now, let me first say that I haven’t actually seen this film (which was released only a few days ago), or the original off of which the remake is based. Nor do I have any desire to, given the Wikipedia summary of the movie. Basically, there are three friends. Two of them can think of nothing but chasing girls and being general miscreants. They both see this girl and try to get in her pants. They fail. The third friend, who spends more time studying than being a douchebag, meets this girl and they fall in love. This makes the two other guys very upset, and they decide they don’t want the girl to be happy since she had been so insulting to them as to turn them down. They break up the couple, but then see how sad this has made their friend. They then have a change of heart and decide to get the couple back together.

I have no idea where this song falls in the plot, or whether the remake’s plot is quite as bad. However, if these song lyrics are any indication as to how the movie as a whole is, I would assume the plot is similar to the afore-mentioned Wikipedia summary… if not worse.

My favorite line of the song is “thoda attitude hai, phir bhi kitni cute hai.” I have heard this line used in only one circumstance ever, and that is when a guy is harassing a girl and she fights back. He then responds with the above line. This is essentially the Indian equivalent of “she’s got quite a mouth on her, but I’d still bone.” She’s not into you yaar. There’s other fish in the sea; maybe next time take an approach that doesn’t involve sexual harassment and literally stalking her on every form of social media; I can guarantee you’ll have better luck.

If anyone wants to make a Hindi version of He’s Just Not That Into You called SHE’S Just Not That Into You, I’m on board.

7 responses to ““Early Morning” from Chashme Baddoor

  1. What a fun song! I wish I felt like that early in the morning. My morning song and dance probably looks more like the Thriller video than this one. Thanks for sharing this, maybe if I watch it over and over in the morning, the happy vibes will start to rub off on me, too.

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