PK is Pretty Killer (but LOL u called a guy “Pretty”)


Like all of Rajkumar Hirani’s films, PK manages to evoke the perfect balance of laughter and tears while spreading a message that needs to be heard. The film is similar in many ways to The Little Prince: An alien embodying innocence and purity comes to Earth, struggles to understand aspects of its culture, touches the hearts of a few Earth-dwellers, and makes me fluctuate between a huge smile and bawling so rapidly I start to doubt I have any capacity for emotional stability at all (okay, that one is probably not the fault of either story). This beautiful story and message have finally, with significant changes, been translated into a form consumable en masse by Indian culture, after persisting across generations and functioning for me personally as a sort of religion in itself. I couldn’t have been happier walking out of the theater.


Despite spreading a pure message of love, however, people have found numerous reasons to hate on this film. Aamir Khan’s abs are too consistently chiseled for a guy stranded billions of miles from home struggling so hard to adapt to a new culture. The film OMG already addressed religious hypocrisy back in 2012, so there is nothing new here. Pretty much every Bollywood film since the beginning of time deals with unstated, misunderstood love; why did PK, a motherfucking alien, have to deal with that, too? Why is this film any different from 3 Idiots/Why doesn’t Rajkumar Hirani realize that once you’ve achieved perfection it is your duty to society to stop making films forever so we don’t have our expectations fucked with?

As much as PK moved me, and as much as I think the haters’ points are all invalid – there is one thing this translation did glaringly wrong, which can be summarized quite well by the following video:

(If translations are needed, you can find one here.)

Now, I am all about stopping me some tharkis, but why did we have to make this about his perceived bisexuality instead of just about tharkis being tharkis? Are we really still relying on cheap gay jokes? LOL this guy can’t decide between men and women? LOLOL He likes to stick his hand up a guy’s buttcrack? ROFLMAOLOLOL He wears girls’ and guys’ clothing? LOL OMG STOP NOW BEFORE I DIE OF LAUGHTER. Plus, all of this absurd queerness (still laughing rofl) obviously warrants an entire transformational song and dance sequence AND a trip to the brothel to combat. At least the brothel trip also remedied the terrible offensive alienating LGBT jokes *facepalm*.

Thank god he got over his gayness before the female love interest came along!

Thank god he got over his gayness before the female love interest came along!

PK has the potential to have a huge impact on the subcontinent. The film is coming out only months after a religious fundamentalist has been elected Prime Minister, to explicitly say that the divisions we put between Hindus and Muslims are total bullshit. No matter how many times we have heard similar messages before, it is great that we have gotten to a point where the message of “love everyone” doesn’t just apply to straight men in the same birth community. I am SO glad that love can finally apply to people of all religions; it is just a shame that it doesn’t yet apply to people who fall outside of the straight, cis-gendered dichotomy.

At least for everyone outside of the spectrum, there’s still the original Little Prince.

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7 responses to “PK is Pretty Killer (but LOL u called a guy “Pretty”)

  1. It shows how inured I am to the homophobic jokes in Indian cinema that though I noticed and commented on the ‘tharki chhokro’ song, the visual joke about cross dressing and bisexuality barely registered. Thanks for pointing them out. =)

  2. I love your perspective and one track mind focusing on gender portrayals. It`s stuff I`ve never on the look out for, nor do I ever perceive them that way.

    Regarding the similarities between `OMG`: while most of the religious points brought up in both films had a lot of similarity, `OMG` fell apart for me with the dogmatic ending with God and the heavy handed interactions between the two actors. Where I think `PK` really improved on that is by not having the plot be focused on the religious aspects, but rather be used as the plot device that furthers the plot points involving the remote + Sharma`s love story. Doing so resulted in the ending not being some world changing resolution, but the changes were limited to the characters within the story, despite the universal subjects touched upon during the course of the movie (the religious tomfoolery) In my opinion anyways.

    • That’s a really good point; that totally is why PK doesn’t come across as preachy or anything, because the religious stuff is just the setting (can’t think of a better word for it, but the way you said it was good) and not the actual plot. It’s exactly the reason I gave people for why Walking Dead was such a good show in its first few seasons, because they never turned the plot into the zombie apocalypse, that just happened to be happening around them while the plot remained about the relationships between the characters and made the show better than most of the zombie movies/shows before it.

      ….and if I didn’t give myself the limit of having only a one track mind w the gender portrayal stuff, I wouldn’t be able to keep these reviews concise at all. Everything here would just turn into a hot mess a la every episode of our podcast.

      • Because of outlooks such as yours and another Movie Critic friend of mine, I find myself more aware of things like gender portrayals in Bollywood. And it`s kind of shocking as fuck to me. I feel like this super obvious world of fuckery has been opened up to me that was happening under my nose this whole time, but I never saw it. Kinda like Harry Potter.

        You need to watch some Sonam Kapoor movies, especially her last, `Dolly Ki Doli`. I`d love to hear your thoughts on that one, cuz… well cuz.

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